THE CLASSICS – KICKERS’ KICK HI – 40th Anniversary Edition

As a school kid, my days were spent running away from bullies or spending time with my mates in the playground…and when your schedule consists of a constant mix of physical activity, the usual plimsoles won’t cut it!

I mean – growing up in the 90s wasn’t very safe, especially living in a preadolescent-internet age where the lack of GPS could easily turn you down the wrong alley and into the wrong crowd – resulting in a shoeless walk home. We were just on our feet more. Many a time have I tripped mid-chase due to the lack of tread on my already worn-out Phat Farms – don’t ask – it was a phase…

I’ll tell you what though, mums are great at finding solutions, and this one was in the form of the Kick Hi. I can’t really pinpoint it – whether it’s the strong rubber sole, the practical school-like design or whether the shoes just weren’t cool enough to steal off me back then, but I’ve never had any wrongs with the Kick Hi.

It’s a shoe that has always stood the test of time. They’re the shoes you grab when your boys call you out for football from your bedroom window (football sneakers weren’t affordable back then). They’re the shoes you bring with you just incase you get in trouble for not wearing your uniform, and as a result, I regard Kick Hi’s as the shoes that can never betray me regardless of the situation Does anyone else remember collecting those flower-shaped tags that hang off the laces?

Although I have memories of these in the 90s, the style first debuted in 1975 from France, gracing the feet of many musicians such as Elton John and David Bowie, which aided the brand’s ethos of providing great alternative footwear. With denim characteristics such as rivet eyelets and triple stitch detailing, the shoe’s popularity only continued to grow within rock fashion history as British musicians like Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys and The Enemy continued and still continue to rock the Kick Hi today.

In commemoration of four decades of the Kick Hi, Kickers have released the limited edition Kick Hi Denim, a style celebrating Kicker’s creator Daniel Raufast’s original concept creating footwear to be worn with denim and their ‘Born From Denim’ heritage.

The shoe will be available to purchase at from 2nd December 2015!

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LOOK 1: Joby wears Denim Trucker Jacket, Henley and Regular Slim jeans by Flying Horse Jeans and Kick Hi Beige Suede by Kickers

LOOK 2: Joby wears Wool coat and Printed T-shirt and belt by Scotch & Soda, Corduroy trousers by Aigle and Kick Hi Brown by Kickers

LOOK 3: Joby wears Waistcoat by Universal Works, Beige Denim jeans, Indigo Beanie and Denim Parka by Flying Horse Jeans and Kick Hi Denim by Kickers

LOOK 4: Joby wears Printed Paisley Shirt by Aigle, Belt by Scotch & Soda, Chinos by Duck & Cover, Gambler Fedora by Laird London and Kick Hi Brown by Kickers

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Photography by Jack Johnstone

Styling by John Jarrett 

Modelled by Joby at Supa