Tying the Knot: Cutting a Long Story Short

As bad hair days go, i’ve cyphered through a fair few over the years from spiky college days to what i’d like to call the ‘hey look at me, i’m single’ bouffant up do. In recent years due to watching lots of old chinese martial arts movies and the occasional spaghetti western, i’d thought it a good idea to grow mine too… minus the sides and back. And i’m sure most of you who know me know that i’m almost never seen without a hat on. Even in the shower… Anyways, it had already gotten out of hand when it had passed bellybutton length and ultimately resulted in waking up every morning on a bird’s nest. That and the wife didn’t want me to have longer hair than hers at the wedding. That’s when i sought out Ted Baker’s grooming rooms after visiting their lovely new store on Commercial street quirkily named ‘Ted Baker & Moore’ to fix the problem.

Ted’s Grooming rooms; a traditional turkish barbers with a touch of british elegance. I think that’s the only way to describe it. I opted to ‘cut a long story short’ whilst at their Morten Street location which was met with great avail, as they offered a wash and cut as well as a complimentary massage and facial treatment. As an average kind of guy i never really go for these things but will definitely be a regular now as on top of the perfect cut, it’s service was above and beyond.

If you’d like to give it a go, make an appointment with the guys at Ted’s grooming rooms at various locations around London here

Dress with confidence,