Winter is coming… (Yes that was a Game of Thrones line, don’t judge me)  and with that comes the insurmountable problems that is London weather. Whether work or play you always need to be prepared for what lies ahead and first things first; you need to be equipped with good footwear.

I usually start my days taking a short walk through the various parks and canals dotted around my area, stopping for a few phone calls and emails before heading out to get some inspiration. Whether it be rummaging through old books on Southbank or visiting galleries like The Unit London on Wardour Street, i’ve always got to make sure i have some boots that can take me through the day. The Benson Rigby is a great companion featuring a HPO2Flex cushioned triangle footbed pattern and foam midsole that moulds with the shape of your feet allowing for greater comfort without compromising air circulation, support and flexibility. This is a great alternative for both smart casual or strictly sartorial situations.

From midday to early afternoon is when work starts for me and running around working on editorial features and styling consultations definitely wears me down. Maybe it’s the massive suitcases weighing me down but my feet do tend to feel heavier so i always opt for lighter footwear for work. And what better than a desert boot. Traditionally the desert boot comes in suede and we all know how suede reacts to everything! Hush Puppies reiteration of this timeless classic; the Desert II is more than well equipped for any mishaps that may occur during work with it’s Worry-Free Suede specifically designed to be scuff, stain and water resistant. I must admit, these are perfect for me since they allow me to go straight from work into more casual settings without having to hide in corners or looking down in shame at events or dinner parties. Our advice? Stick to the classics and by the end of the night your feet will feel as fresh and looked after as they were before you walked out the door.

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Look 1: Beanie, Scarf, Corduroy Suit by Realm + Empire & Benson Rigby boot by Hush Puppies

Look 2: MA-1 Bomber Jacket by Alpha Industries, Jeans by Energie, Shirt by Universal Works & Desert II boot by Hush Puppies


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