I recently got married, and the first thing that came through my mind coming into this new year is that life is short. Things move so fast and don’t wait for you to catch up almost like you’re on a constant treadmill. I also don’t want to regret not exploring the world, taking up an extra hobby or learning something totally random just because i want to. That’s why i’ve decided i want to travel as much as possible this year and see what the rest of the world has to offer in terms of culture, food and menswear. Hey and also to relax as well. That’s important.

Last week after the madness that is LC:M i had decided to visit a place that i had been putting off going due to preconceived notions due to the fact that a lot of things that are not legal in most countries are in fact legal there. Yes. it’s Amsterdam.

Upon arrival i already had it set in my mind that i might not like it being the old man natured guy that i am since i don’t drink, smoke or am in need of girls other than the wife. I can flat out say i was wrong about Amsterdam. The Architecture alone is amazing enough for me to pass for a second trip especially around the many canals lined with canal house of different shapes and sizes each different to their next-door neighbours. The narrow streets are filled with many cafes selling pastries and pancakes galore as well as the odd vintage shop and European boutiques. It’s definitely a stylish city with it’s many fashion stores around De 9 Straatjes area bringing in young and older crowds alike. And trust me, you will no problem finding a great meal here with many restaurants serving dishes from around the world. One of my personal favourites is a small shop called Jackets selling what seems like genetically enhanced giant jacket potatoes of course.

Our choice of hotel here was a random one, we wanted somewhere simple and affordable and booked a place called Hotel De Hallen but when we arrived it was like we walked into a contemporary art gallery. Sculptures hang from the ceiling, weird pop art installations hidden in hallways and in some areas everything in one colour. P.s i really got to find out what mattresses they have in those rooms because i slept like a baby!

It guess it goes to show that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Dress with Confidence,



John wears Colman Canadian Parka by Aigle, Jacket and Jeans by Uniqlo, Socks by Scotch & Soda, Signature Fedora by Laird London and Shoes by Base London.

Jenna wears Acoma Parka by Aigle