“We can’t escape it. It’s how we solve problems…we can’t get from A to B, we design a bridge”

The quote above is from my good friend Karla answering why she loves design. At a time where collaborative work is more popular than ever, it can become difficult to discern genuine synergy. However, there is a reason why Uniqlo x Lemaire have graced us with a second offering. The two brands share quite a few similarities, ones that have allowed a manifestation of a real life-wear collection.

With beliefs set in simplicity, quality and longevity, Uniqlo x Lemaire create clothing that reinforce both mine and Karla’s love of design. Simple lines and clean silhouettes with considered cloths from seersucker to linen cotton blends speak to me, and I couldn’t ask for a more versatile daily wardrobe than this. I don’t know if our own opinions will do much, but Karla and I definitely hope this won’t be the last we see of Uniqlo and Lemaire. To make sure you get first dibs, the collection will be launching online on March 3rd at 11pm, followed by selected stores on March 18th.

Nigel wears: Lemaire seersucker seersucker jacket, trousers and supima cotton mesh crew neck long sleeve sweater. Lock & Co fedora. Converse Chuck 70’s.

Karla wears: Lemaire Oxford wide leg trousers and supima cotton mesh crew neck long sleeve sweater. Converse Chuck 70’s