This isn’t my first time in Barcelona but when i had an opportunity to visit again for 080’s Barcelona fashion week it was a no-brainer since it’s a city that is truly relaxing and full of life. Not to mention having great food and is within walking distance of a beach from the city centre. Who doesn’t like the beach?

What to do?:

From strolling around narrow streets lined with clothes lines and high balconies in between Churchs in the Gothic Quarter to chilling in the sun at the Parc de la Ciutadella in front of an amazing gold fountain sculpture there is many flavours to Barcelona. I personally can’t get used to Siesta time where shops close for several hours during the day but the city’s night life and food more than makes up for it with Spanish tapas places like Lonja de Tapas or taking a bite out of a gourmet burger at Bacoa. And if you’re feeling for a multitude of flavours, at La Boqueria Market is filled with many seafood bars, fruit cocktails, spices, sweets and chocolate!


Barcelona is a place synonymous with it’s football club but spending some time just walking around aimlessly you’ll soon find that it’s pride and joy is through it’s many architectural achievements by it’s many artists and architects. Most notably Antoni Gaudí whose work is widespread across the city in many neo-gothic and geometric modernist forms, including the Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Parc Güell and his most impressive magnum opus, the unfinished Sagrada Família. The Sagrada Família in particular is an amazing feat in and of itself being made up of many different modernist architectural techniques. My favourite feature is the hyperboloid structure created within the church that is built to mirror the feelings you get from nature. Having a more gothic art style on it’s exterior, it’s strange but amazing to see the interior being so modern that it feels like it’s from the future. And i’m saying that and it was designed over 100 years ago in 1882. Although Gaudi died in 1926, and construction halted for decades, it’s now a UNESCO world heritage site and is still being built with it’s estimated completion date for 2026.


The fashion in Barcelona is very commercial, but that is not a particularly bad thing. Being situated in a hotter european country these types of styles suit the city very much with many design houses opting for a casual and simple collection of staple pieces. As for the designers blessed with a spot at 080 Barcelona Fashion week, designs are more bolder and reflect a passion for prints, colours and interestingly designed cut and sew as seen in collections by TORRAS, Xavi Grados and award winner CARLATOAMS. Although many menswear designers opt for the timeless tailoring that comes with the territory of being let’s say british or italian, these spanish designers focus more on beautiful but simply cut casual wear with a sartorial twist. With the help of 080 I think it’s safe to say that these talented designers will see more spotlight as time goes on.

What to wear?:

The most comfortable city-exploring garbs have to be workwear and denim. Pretty much anything that doesn’t cut off the circulation to my body, since i love to walk around hours on end without rest. What can i say, i make most of my travelling. Which is why i picked up a few things off of to keep me warm and comfy. They have a great selection of workwear brands that include Universal Works and Penfield. I picked out a pair of Straight fit Edwin indigo denim jeans and a Coach Jacket & Baseball Cap from WOOD WOOD  and matched that with a pair of Oliver Sweeney boots for my usual denim on denim look. If you know me, you’d know i could live on the colour blue forever!

The rest of your wardrobe should consist of lighter pieces like my brown corduroy outfit by Realm + Empire and a couple of pairs of good shoes such as these waterproof boots (slide 10) by Ohw Shoes and the Nitrogen Greasy Suede by Base London.

Dress with confidence,



There are many things to experience here in Barcelona, and amongst those things my favourites have to be:

  1. Be first in line to see the Sagrada Familia at 8:30am and marvel at it’s architectural greatness.
  2. Take a dip in the sea at Barceloneta Beach, one of the longest beaches in Europe.
  3. Take a romantic stroll through the Gothic Quarter during the day. bring a +1.
  4. Visit the vintage and flea markets dotted around the city, most notably outside La Catedral on the weekends.
  5. See Gaudi’s mosaic masterpieces at Parc Guell.
  6. Try some spanish tapas or seafood in La Boqueria Market.
  7. Take a map and try to find all the Gaudi designed buildings starting at the busiest street in Barcelona, La Ramblas.
  8. Want something not spanish for lunch? From the guys who brought gourmet burgers to Barcelona, Bacoa.
  9. Last but not least, clothes shopping in the Born area, that is also surrounded by great Chocolatiers and bars.



LOOK 1: Kiefer Coach Jacket & Logo Wool Cap by WOOD WOOD via, Denim Western Jacket by Natural Selection, ED39 Regular fit Indigo jeans by EDWIN via, Socks by Royalty and boots by Oliver Sweeney.

LOOK 2: Jacket, Sweater & Cargo trousers by Y-3, Fedora by Christy’s Hats, Waterproof boots by Ohw? Shoes

LOOK 3: Bramcote Artisan Overshirt & Slim-Leg Tommy Cords by Realm + Empire, Signature Fedora by Laird London, Nitrogen Greasy Suede Shoe by Base London