It’s odd to think how street culture has grown over the years, even more so how you’ve changed yourself. I remember as a kid wanting Nike trainers not knowing the difference with each style, but just the fact that it had to have the exposed air bubble on the side! You don’t want to know how many times the bubble popped in the middle of a football game and everyone stopping to partake in the plan of having to explain to the parents how we needed a new pair. Too many times.

Recently i started speed sketching again after a long break and thought i’d do some sketches of my favourite Nike Air Max styles to commemorate 29 years of the Air Max for Air Max Day. Pheww… that was a mouthful. Some of my favourite are the Air Max 1 OG of course but personally i like the 1998 version a little better shape-wise and the Air Max 97 for it’s full bubble sole!

Obviously my knowledge isn’t as extensive as the guys over at Footasylum, so check out this infographic over on their website to get clued in!


Dress with confidence,



Words & Illustration by John Jarrett @_johnjarrett