One of the more regular conversations I have with Shakka is about how he can visually reinforce the narratives in his music. The thing is, the opportunity to have your work experienced as intended is very important to the Artist.

As the Lost Boys EP is set in suppressed future London on the brink of revolution, it took me no time to connect Cloth Surgeon’s current collection – La Ravolution Sorrealiste with Shakka’s body of work. The industrial and dystopian images of Shakka’s story are precisely and beautifully realised in Cloth Surgeon’s pieces. I chose the fantastic Escher Motted Wool Tweed RSMA-1 jacket and joggers clad over a 3/4 sleeved luxury cotton t-shirt and leather Converse. I know what you’re thinking, those fabrics aren’t very industrial are they? Well, he is the star of the show, and as we found the balance between industrial and comfort, Shakka’s look was complete for his live performance at Camden’s Electric Ballroom.