Yesterday we helped co-host the launch of designer Marcelo Burlon‘s latest endeavour, another amazing collaboration with G-Shock! This time incorporating his signature motif; a snakeskin graphic pattern created using 3D-printing technology on top of a GA-100MRB model. Which in my opinion is one of G-Shocks best styles to date ! I remember wearing these when I was a kid all the way through my street wear days in college. I think it’s safe to say this is a timeless classic and pairing with innovative designers like Marcelo and his brand County of Milan most definitely makes sure it stands the test of time. We sat down with Marcelo pre-event to pick his brain on what he’s currently up to and even where he sees himself in 10 years time, and here’s what he had to say…


John Jarrett: How and why did you start Marcelo Burlon – County of Milan?

Marcelo Burlon: How? Because i wanted to tell my story to my people through graphics, and because i started DJing around the world, and suddenly found out that so many people were following me, coming to my parties wanting to be a part of my world some how. It was just like a one night stand, but they wanted more, so i was like, you know what i’m going to tell my story through graphics and launch a t-shirt label and then it became a full collection over time.

JJ: How long has the brand been going for?

MB: It’s been going for three years, so quite young like me!

JJ: You grew up in Patagonia, moved to a small town in Italy at 14, but what does Milan mean to you?

MB: Milan was the place that gave me the chance to express myself and a place that i grew up as a man and as a professional. I mean Milan is home for me.

JJ: You pride yourself in creating a brand that grows organically through social media… What were your biggest learning points when you first started the brand?

MB: Just to keep it real and trying to connect with my people, with my customers directly without any filters and other assistance. I’m trying to do it myself because i like to connect with them and that was the biggest success of the brand because people understood my story.

JJ: Is there anything special project-wise – coming up that you could share with us, i mean this year alone we’ve seen many collars?

MB: There’s so many collars! Theres a new one with Lamborghini, for the new Huracan, a second collab. And then Tyga is coming out on the 12th in collaboration with Saks. There’s also something i can’t say yet because i’m waiting for confirmations but all i can say it’s huge!

JJ: This one may seem like an odd question and no one likes to think about getting older but where do you see yourself and the brand in 10 years time?

MB: I see myself in Patagonia with my kids and my dogs. I’m building my farm! And travelling lots back and forth between Milan, Patagonia and even Ibiza.

JJ: Oh, are you a fan of the club scene over there?

MB: I prefer the beaches over there and relaxing, I don’t really go out as much when I go there. Only once in a while. I mean i’ve been partying for most of my life, ever since I was about 16. I actually started my first job at 16 as a club kid. promoter of sorts. Then moving into PR

JJ: I heard you helped Ricardo Tisci when he first started out with his PR.

MB: But more than that I did one year of Dolce & Gabbana and then I opened my own agency and started with organising all the events for Gucci, Chanel and all those big brands. I’ve done a lot dude…

JJ: Do you have any tips for anyone starting their own street wear brand?

MB: Yeah! As i said before, keep it real and try to find your way, your style and more importantly to find good partners because you can’t just have creativity, you also need someone taking care of the numbers, business, distribution and especially production. Production is super important because you have to compete with all those brands out there and provide quality product.

JJ: I’m not sure if you ever seen our sins of style feature, but what would you say is the worst sin of style? Mine personally is people who wear sunglasses indoors and at night time… why?!

MB: Hey! That is so wrong, but sometimes it’s so right!

JJ: And one that you’ve personally committed?

MB: I think every moment of your life comes with a moment when you’re wearing something totally wrong. 10 years ago, the headbanger movement where we were wearing fluoro! Back in the day we used to spend the whole week prepping our outfits for the parties at the weekend. Now i look back and i’m like ergh…

Here’s some quick fire ones 

Favourite colour? Black

most stylish city? Tokyo

Best dressed man? Myself

Worst dressed man? Kanye

who’s you’re style muse? I don’t have one

wardrobe essential? Rolling Papers

One thing you can’t leave home without? My earrings

Your personality in three words? A-MA-ZING

Your brand in three words? COUNTY-OF-MILAN… Just Google It



This limited edition G-Shock x Marcelo Burlon County Of Milan GA-100MRB-1AER is now available at G-Shock in East London, Casio Store Covent Garden, Harvey Nichols and End Clothing. If you’re looking to get one, get there quick, since they sold out within 2 days off of Marcelo’s own webstore!


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