I’ve talked about many style essentials over the years that make up the perfect wardrobe for the everyday man. Here’s an everyday essential that I think shouldn’t go unnoticed; the everyday sneaker – otherwise known as the canvas sneaker. I personally wear sneakers more than i’d care to tell, mostly between meetings and during shoots. Nothing worse than wearing a pair of stiff brand-new brogues that cut up your ankles as you trot around town. MUJI has recently released an inexpensive alternative to the style made famous by Converse, by giving us something practical and customisable. Available in stores now are these canvas sneakers in the traditional red, white and blue; as well as black, but also offering up a range of different coloured laces and soft printed insoles. Pair these with a good pair of washed denim and some funky socks and you’ll be styling in no time. Still waiting for that yellow colourway to come out though after seeing them in Tokyo!.


Dress with confidence,



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