Although we may be getting hotter days in the UK this summer, it comes to no surprise that as October moves closer, we’ll also be getting colder months synonymous with British weather. And thus we have to be thinking about layering up whilst staying stylish of course.

We suggest not totally shunning the summer wardrobe but to incorporate into your autumn attire. One of our main tips when buying clothes for the season is to make sure you’re also able to wear them the rest of the year. Instead focus on layering; which makes for a more interesting ensemble over buying big statement pieces that only last the season. Why not try a mix of double or even triple denim? I know what you’re thinking! It’s a no no… but a nice plain tee paired with a soft denim shirt and denim jacket would be perfect for insulation. Personally i like to top it off with a neckerchief for extra detail… that and the fact i haven’t stopped wearing bandanas since secondary school. I think they’re cool… Don’t judge me! And whilst a lot may be channeling their autumn colour palettes of beige, browns and burgundys, why not opt for blues, greens and blacks? If in doubt, choose plain block colours and mix it up with a little subtle prints in shirting or socks. and why not accessorise with a nice watch (we got ours from Amazon Fashion) and a fedora for those who feel more adventurous.

Check out our styling above, and let us know what you’d wear during the autumn season!

Dress with confidence,



LOOK1: John wears Indigo Sherwani Jacket, Clean Denim Shirt & Indigo Sweatpants by Scotch & Soda, Gambler Trilby by Laird London and Trench Washed Brogues by Base London

LOOK 2: Eshan wears Brandon Shirt & Earl Trousers by WOODWOOD, Fedora by Laird London and Barrage Washed Tan Derby Shoes by Base London

LOOK 3: John wears Konstantin Kimono Jacket & Bjorn Patchwork Jeans by WAVEN, Bakerboy Cap by Laird London, Watch by Uniform Wares via Amazon Fashion, One Piece Shoe by YMC x Padmore Barnes

LOOK 4: Eshan wears Yamdrok grandad Shirt, Diction Tee & Plan B Pants by Tourne De Transmission, Crushable Fedora by Laird London and Dodge Trainers by Ohw? Shoes

LOOK 5: Le Peak Cap, Le Crew Tee, Le Sports Coat & Le Long Pant by Les Basics, Watch by Uniform Wares via Amazon Fashion and Barrage Derby Shoes by Base London

LOOK 6: Eshan wears Beaufort Jacket, Plaid Shirt and Smith Pants by Samsoe Samsoe and Genesis Suede Shoes by Base London


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