We were recently asked by our good friends over at River Island if we’d like to collaborate on an outerwear editorial. Now I don’t know about you, but if you’ve been staying in London the last few weeks you’ll know that summer has most defiantly outstayed it’s welcome. 

Being Londoners we’re a little fussy. We complain when we don’t get any sunshine and when we do get it we’re quickly bitching about how stuffy our work commutes have become, how we haven’t got enough summer clothes or if you’re like me, complaining that you have some layering combinations that should have been tested out a few months back. 

Anyhow back to the point. October is literally around the corner (at the time of writing) and with it should come a cooler temperature… the perfect time to start bringing out those outerwear staples. 

River Island’s latest collection is all about neutrals. The perfect palate to go and create an editorial which displays the different personal styles of our ever changing team line up 😃 

So that is exactly what we went and done. This time around we feature Nigel, Reuben, John and Eshan. Each guy chose a look that best reflects their personal style. I contributed by putting the word ART in front of my everyday occupation and everything was captured by former team member and resident Individualism DJ Mr Kieran Pharaoh. 

I won’t babble on too much about how neutrals are styled or can be interpreted, as well nowadays you lot seem to be more clued up than me. Just check out their styles and see which one’s you veer towards, and don’t forget to add you own hint of personality in there too 😃


Learn, Laugh and Look Good,



Photography by PHRH

Modelled by Nigel Ruwende, Reuben Christian, John Jarrett & Eshan Kali

Art Direction by Aaron Christian