‘The Wanderlust Wedding’ – with River Island

We’ve always been an advocate of mixing things up here at Indiv – be that trainers with suit trousers, style advice with comedy, or even sartorial events held in down-and-dirty East London venues. We do this because by colliding two existing ideas, we’re able to come up with something new. It was that ethos that led to our latest project with River Island Style Studio: ‘The Wanderlust Wedding’.

Settling down is a hard commitment to make, especially if both parties’ natural inclination is to explore. ‘The Wanderlust Wedding’ celebrates the coming together of two free spirits and close friends of mine: Jack and Holly. Their childhood sweetheart romance started in their hometown of Devon, and so the wedding took place in a working farm in Dunwell on August 13th, 2016.

Being an East Londoner on my creative hustle, I’ve barely left zone four, yet alone been raving in a farm in Devon with a family of fun loving hippies, artists, musicians and O.A.P’s that could dab. It was the one of the most intriguing wedding’s I’ve been too, and a true representation of how Jack and Holly roll. Dressed in my River Island tan suit, sitting on a hay stack seat, with my wayfarers on, I felt like P Diddy on a spiritual cleansing mission.

The wedding juxtaposed a formal affair against a harsh rural setting, and so we decided that the styling should follow suit (no pun intended). The groomsmen sported the summer-fly blue linen slim fit suits and went sock-less with light grey espadrille plimsoles, while Jack, the groom, took the classic route with a grey three-piece suit (although, true to Jack’s form, he threw it all off rocking his own woven trainers!). Note though, that these guys are skateboarders, and all very energetic, so imagine the patience exercised at River Island Style studio on the day of styling! In the end, they all scrubbed up effortlessly and managed to let loose into the early hours of the morning. I was adamant to prove that a well fitted suit isn’t just for the sartorially savvy. Mission complete.

As I continue to follow my creative curiosities by trying new things, I’m starting to learn that there really are no rules. New things are only ever created by taking risks and merging existing ideas and concepts. So a massive thank you goes to our collaborators River Island for having the balls to let their tailoring roam free…into the raving farms of Devon!

Let’s keep changing up the game, one skate border at a time.



Photography: Alex Foster

Video Production: Emil Walker

Clothing: River Island Mens