A few weeks ago, Absolut Elyx invited me to visit their home. The beautiful thing about accepting an invitation into someone’s space is being able to learn and absorb straight from the source, and after heading to the small coastal town of Åhus, I was delighted to experience an authentic Swedish experience as well as learn about how Absolut Elyx, the world’s first true luxury vodka, runs side by side with the tradition.

As soon as we arrived, we were taken to Kippers, a restaurant that Absolut Elyx use as the training location for their growing roster of bartenders. Treating us to a light yet filling smorgasbord was head chef Stevve, who introduced a spread of hot and cold dishes that partnered beautifully with an array of delicious Absolut Elyx cocktails. Now I’ve never been much of vodka drinker, but they really could have sent me home after that meal – I was sold. (Thankfully they didn’t as there was still so much more to enjoy)!

What I really found fascinating was discovering exactly why Absolut Elyx is such unique vodka. Everything used to produce this luxury spirit is found within a 15mile radius of where we were in Åhus, and although I was initially a little unsure about how this logistically worked, my curiosity didn’t last long. A helicopter was called to take us up to aerial view, and seeing the town from up above really gave us all a sense of our bearings as well as a clearer visualisation of what sourcing locally actually looks like. The wheat used to make this vodka comes from a single estate, Råbelöf, and the harvest is hand-selected and with attention to quality and detail  guaranteed to produce the perfect spirit. Following traditional artisanal methods, Absolut Elyx is handcrafted in a vintage still that was built in 1921, which only a handful of people know know to manually operate – and using Copper in the process removes any unwanted sulphur-based compounds creates the purest liquid.

As I sipped away at my cocktails while tucking in to the Kippers menu, I enjoyed the subtle, silk-like textures and imagined how I would incorporate Absolut Elyx with a meal, as dinner-hosting is my particular forte. It’s pretty safe to say that this particular spirit will feature at future seasonal dinner parties, allowing me to extend my experience to those I love. As the list of cocktails I can make with Absolut Elyx isn’t disappearing anytime soon…thank me later.

So give Absolut Elyx a shot, or I will personally travel to your location with a bottle and wash the taste out of your mouth.

Skål (Swedish for Cheers!)